Vendor/hobbyist table includes 8 foot table with 2 chairs and access to electrical outlets.

All tables must be registered via check by mail or by PayPal. We will issue a full refund minus PayPal fee's 30 day's prior to the show. If you don't cancel within 30 day's off the show you will forfeit the full amount paid. Please check your schedules to make sure you are able to make the swap. Table will be reserved in your name once we have received payment. Thank you in advance!

You will receive confirmation email within 24hrs after we receive payment.

 Featured       Vendors:

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"SORRY ALL TABLE SOLD OUT" If you would like to get on our waiting list or for more information please fill out the form below. 

Please include where you are located,

and business name if applicable. 

Vendors are added to the waiting list

on a first come, first served basis.

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Hobbyist Sellers:

Todd Hiney - Beloit, IL

Brooke Erickson - Madison, WI

Reef Donkey Corals - Centerville, OH

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