$5.00 Entry Fee for every adult who attends MARS Frag Swap will receive FIVE FREE Raffle Tickets (Five Free Tickets Valued at $1 each per paid adult will be handed out upon entering) 


Raffle drawings start at 3:00pm must be present to win.


Check out the list below for just some of the great items that you could win.This list will be updated right up to the day of the swap.

"The promoter has the right to change or update the raffle rules and/or prize at its discretion and raffle participants are invited to regularly check the website for updates." 

Raffle Prizes

Santa Monica Filtration
HOG.5 Hang-On-Glass UAS Upflow Algae Scrubber
CerMedia, llc
2x boxes Marinepure GEMs Ceramic Meida
CerMedia, llc
2 qt. Marinepure Ceramic Biomedia 1 1/2 spheres
Donated bu MadCity Corals
Avast Marine
MARS Club nasanek
Aquarium Corals : Husbandry, Selection and Natural History
by Eric H. Borneman
Donated by MadCity Corals
Magnavore Simplicity Chemical Reactor
Donated by MadCity Corals
Acrylic Double Aquarium Filter Sock Holder
Donated by REEF HABIT
Bashsea Media Chamber 4"-18"
Donated by MARS Club
Milwaukee Instruments
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Donated bu MadCity Corals

Avast Marine K1 KALK STIRRER

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